Create Places Grant 2022

The Create Places Grant is back again this year and we're looking for great ideas from community members like you to bring new energy to spaces in Colwood. The City is awarding up to $5,000 to be split between successful applicants to help make placemaking projects come to life. 

The concept of placemaking is helping to reimagine spaces around the world, transforming public spaces in unexpected ways through art, gardens, gathering areas, or other programming. Project ideas are endless, let your imagine run wild! Here are a few ideas that could help get the creativity flowing:   

  • community garden enhancement
  • boulevard enhancement
  • neighborhood gathering place
  • community pathway
  • decorative lighting display
  • community art display or mural
  • interpretive signage
  • community lending installation
  • playground enhancement
  • playable space
  • other projects that animate public space
  • addition of an activity/booth at a community event
  • bring your ideas!

Now is the time to get creative and start brainstorming ideas, connecting with neighbours, friends, or family, and get your ideas mapped out! All projects require a matching contribution from the community which may consist of volunteer labour, donated services, donated materials and supplies, and other funds raised. For all the details, review the Create Places Grant Policy and Create Places Grant Application

EXTENDED DEADLINE: Applications will be accepted until April 17, 2022.
Questions and completed applications can be sent to

Let's create places Colwood!   

In 2021 the City awarded funding to four of the Create Places Colwood projects:

Fit Happens Hop Skip and Jump to It

Stencilied movement circuits were sprinkled through Meadow Park and Herm Williams park to encourage movement and play along these paths. Research has shown that painting graphics on pavement in playgrounds and neighbourhoods can be a fun, effective and low-cost way to encourage play and increase physical activity levels in children (and adults too!).


Little Free Plant and Seed Stand

The Little Free Plan and Seed Stand was created to allow community members to share and access plants, seeds, and garden harvests during the planting season. Neighbours were encouraged try their hands at gardening not only for the harvests but also because this activity promotes mental health and wellness. 


Pollinator and Indigenous Plant Garden

The Pollinator and Indigenous Plant Garden project was submitted on behalf of the Colwood Garden Society who maintains the existing community garden at City Hall. With assistance from local First Nations Elders, the Pollinator and Indigenous Plant Garden will feature roots, berries, flowers and shrubs that have been mainstays of First Nations health and healing. Varieties that thrive in the location with minimal water will be used. Interpretive signs with English and First Nations identifying names will also be added to the garden to allow visitors to learn about the plants, language and culture in a welcoming and enjoyable setting.


Emily Carr Interpretative Sign

This interpretave sign showcases the work of Emily Carr along the Painter Trail, where the renowned painter was inspired to create famous works such as ‘Above the gravel pit’ in 1937. The sign serves as a wonderful reminder that Emily Carr and many other talented artists have drawn inspiration from Colwood’s beautiful seaside setting.