Business Name: Niki Allard Hypnotherapy
License Number:
Address: 103, 627 Brookside Road
I believe in investing in people. My personal journey has always connected me with people. I began teaching dance and choreographing at the age of 15, I travelled with the international leadership group called Up With People, I’ve worked in group homes, I’ve been a fitness instructor, I lived in L’Arche, I’ve been a lay-counsellor, I became a mother, I’ve worked in elder care, I’ve owned a dance studio, and I am currently a registered clinical hypnotherapist. Another common theme throughout my life has been movement. I’ve always valued the mind-body connection and the body’s ability to express and heal and process emotion. I believe that hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective modality for bringing together connection (to ourselves and others) and movement (moving forward, changing behaviour patterns, aligning our actions and beliefs). It is with heart and responsibility that I approach being a helping hand along your journey.