Creating a Local Area Service allows for the installation of a service that directly benefits a distinct area of Colwood and is paid for by the property owners who benefit from it.

This may include sewer connections, sidewalks on residential roads, storm drains, underground power lines or street lighting. 

Local Area Services may be initiated by the City or by a property owner. The process begins with a petition to determine whether the affected property owners support the project. Residents who may be interested in initiating a Local Area Service are encouraged to begin by contacting the Engineering Department for more information about the petition process.

Petition Process

Petitions must be signed by more than 50% of the benefiting property owners, representing more than 50% of the total assessed values for land and improvements of the benefiting properties. The City of Colwood determines which properties will benefit from the Local Area Service.

Paying for Local Area Services

The cost of the service is split between all benefiting properties and paid over a number of years through a parcel tax added to their property tax notice.

Read more about Local Area Services on the Province of BC website.