Committee Chair Vice-Chair Alternate
Advisory Planning Commission
BC Transit Commission
Board of Variance
Capital Regional District Board Mayor Rob Martin Councillor Doug Kobayashi
Capital Regional District Climate Action Intermunicipal Task Force Councillor Michael Baxter
Capital Regional District Regional Water Commission Councillor Gordie Logan Councillor Cynthia Day
Capital Regional Emergency System Telecommunications: CREST Councillor Gordie Logan
City Event
Committee of the Whole
Council Mayor Rob Martin
Emergency Planning Committee Councillor Michael Baxter
Esquimalt Lagoon Stewardship Initiative*
Friends of Cole Island
Greater Victoria Labour Relations Association Councillor Stewart Parkinson Councillor Doug Kobayashi
Greater Victoria Public Library Mayor Rob Martin
Harbour Advisory Committee
Heritage Commission
Intermunicipal Advisory Committee on Disability Issues
Juan de Fuca Retail Water Distribution Commission Councillor Gordie Logan Councillor Cynthia Day
Official Community Plan Steering Committee Councillor Jason Nault Councillor Gordie Logan
Parcel Tax Review Panel Mayor Rob Martin
Pioneer Cemetery Councillor Stewart Parkinson Councillor Michael Baxter
Public Hearing Mayor Rob Martin
Public Open House
School District Liaison Committee Councillor Cynthia Day Councillor Gordie Logan
Special Committee of the Whole Mayor Rob Martin
Treaty Advisory Committee Councillor Cynthia Day Mayor Rob Martin
Urban Forest Bylaw Task Force
Victoria Family Court and Youth Justice Committee Councillor Cynthia Day Councillor Stewart Parkinson
Waterfront Coastal Processes Committee
West Shore Chamber of Commerce Councillor Dean Jantzen Councillor Michael Baxter
West Shore Parks and Recreation Society Councillor Rob Martin