Jan 11, 2022

Look for a post card in your Colwood mailbox this week!

We want to encourage you to share your thoughts about Heritage in Colwood.

  • What aspects of Colwood's heritage are most interesting to you?
  • What places and features should be preserved as Colwood grows?
  • How will we promote and celebrate the heritage of the area?

Why are we talking about heritage in Colwood?

Here in Colwood, we are taking steps to better understand the history and heritage of this area, and to protect and celebrate surviving heritage resources and historically important landscapes.

To achieve this, the City of Colwood is developing its first Heritage Strategy. While there are well known National and Provincial heritage sites in Colwood, such as Hatley CastleFort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse, and a Heritage Inventory that lists other heritage buildings, we are curious to know about other sites, buildings or landscapes Colwood residents consider to be historically significant. The strategy will reflect what is important to residents of Colwood about the community’s past, and what to preserve as the city grows.

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