Aug 12, 2021

Environment Canada has issued a heat wave warning from Thursday through Sunday morning with daytime highs ranging from 29 to 37 degrees celsius combined with overnight lows of 16 to 19 degrees.

Stay safe

☀️ Drink lots of water even before you feel thirsty
☀️ Slap on a hat and sunscreen
☀️ Limit outdoor activity in the hottest part of the day
☀️ Take extra care with kids, elders and pets
☀️ Never leave people or pets inside a parked vehicle
☀️ Check that older family, friends and neighbours are cool and hydrated
☀️ Outside workers hydrate and take shade breaks
☀️ Know the signs of heat stroke to watch for
☀️ Be fire safe: Use extreme care with cigarettes, barbecues and other fire risks

Where to cool down in Colwood

Colwood is involved in planning between West Shore fire departments, Juan de Fuca Emergency Social Services and other partners.

Here are a few ways for people to stay cool in Colwood when temperatures rise:

☀️ Visit the Juan de Fuca Library
☀️Go for a swim at the Juan de Fuca Pool and Recreation Centre
☀️ Play in the Splash Pad at Colwood Creek Park
☀️ Take a cool dip at Lookout Lake
☀️ Colwood Firefighters will do “Pop Up Spray Parks” around the community as they are able
☀️ Colwood Firefighters will check in with seniors at facilities in Colwood
☀️ Go to the cooling station at the Salvation Army on Goldstream Avenue (overflow locations have been identified in the event they are needed)


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