Jan 11, 2021

Latoria Creek Park is famous for its four long sets of nature stairs that allow visitors to wander down into the forested ravine with Latoria Creek meandering through it, and then up the other side and into nearby neighbourhoods.

Whether you're looking for a beautiful rain forest-like setting to explore with the gentle sounds of the creek bubbling by, or a challenging stair workout, Latoria Creek Park is the place for you! You'll find entrances to the park on Latoria Road at Wishart Road and at the base of Pelican Drive off Metchosin Road.

Why were the stairs replaced?

When a 2018 inspection revealed that several stairs and the supporting structure were compromised, the City created a replacement plan to ensure the long term safety and usability of the stairs. This was challenging work where the location deep in the park and on steep slopes added complexity for hauling materials and stair construction.

Checking out the new stairs

Last week, Mayor Martin enjoyed a tour of the new stairs in the park with Colwood Parks Foreman, Gord Beauvillier. Gord explained that the new stairs feature several improvements:

  • The stair treads are long-lasting, slip-proof metal, an improvement over the old wooden stairs that could be slippery when wet or icy, and were prone to rot in the rainforest-like setting.
  • The staircases are set at a better angle wherever possible so the steps are not quite so steep.
  • New smooth metal handrails prevent splinters and increase safety.
  • The stairs are set higher off the ground to allow for better air flow to support longevity as well as ease of maintenance.


Connecting Latoria Creek Park to the Royal Bay neighbourhood

As the Royal Bay neighbourhood grows, new connections into Latoria Creek Park will be created, and additional park space will be added. Nearly 17 acres south of Latoria Boulevard will be dedicated as neighbourhood park, natural parkland, trails and greenways. Read more at LiveatRoyalBay.ca.

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