Nov 17, 2020

Now, more than ever, it's important to do everything we can to keep ourselves healthy. Which is why, in October and early November, the City of Colwood arranged a series of free flu clinics to encourage residents to protect their health by getting vaccinated.

Focused on the health of those who are vulnerable

831 people received their flu shots at the Juan de Fuca Fieldhouse over three consecutive Sundays, including 252 seniors over age 65, 449 adults and 130 youth and children under 18.

As some of our most vulnerable residents, seniors and people with compromised immune systems were a priority group the City aimed to reach through the flu clinics. Information about the clinics was shared with local seniors homes and the seniors activity centre, as well as through the City's regular communication channels and through media outlets.

Many of the people vaccinated are caregivers, children or grandchildren of loved ones in these vulnerable groups, providing an extra level of protection against illness.

Others were emergency responders, health providers and workers who are essential for the safety of our community.

A community working together

These clinics were an excellent example of well organized community collaboration between partners with different levels of practice:

First, the City's initiative as part of the Colwood Economic Recovery Plan to partner with Latoria IDA Pharmacy, coordinate the venue for the event, arrange and manage the online booking system which facilitated the workflow during the clinic, send reminder emails to patients and promote the event, including news articles and a CFAX radio interview with Mayor Rob Martin.

Second, communication between the pharmacy and the Island Health public safety office to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the clinic according to COVID-19 guidelines. Serving vulnerable residents required strict attention to detail in scheduling and admitting a limited number of people at a time and following meticulous sanitization standards.

Third, the participation of the Colwood Fire Department in connecting the pharmacy with volunteer staff whose experience managing the flow of people at large events and elections was very valuable. Moreover, the fire department were on standby to offer any help if needed, which boosted the confidence pharmacy staff's ability to ensure safe and effective clinics.

And finally, the outstanding pharmacy staff whose work began almost three months ago, beginning with communicating early with the health unit to ensure the security of the vaccines. Two certified pharmacist injectors were hired to administer the vaccination. All the supplies were secured, including needles, alcohol swabs, band aids, sharp containers and epi pens. 

The citizens of Colwood are fortunate to be home to many businesses like Latoria IDA Pharmacy who have a soft spot for serving our community. They are passionate about helping seniors and vulnerable patients, and enhancing health of residents.

Learn more about Colwood's proactive approach to economic recovery

Following a series of Recovery Roundables involving local business owners, stakeholders and provincial and federal leaders, Colwood Council launched a robust Economic Recovery Plan in September 2020 that focuses on increasing household prosperity for everyone in Colwood and supporting local businesses to thrive.

Household prosperity takes a holistic approach to economic recovery by considering people's wellbeing and quality of life as well as their income. 

"When families are healthy and prosperous, businesses have greater opportunity to thrive and the community is stronger as a whole."

- Colwood Mayor Rob Martin 

Read more about the many steps Colwood is taking, from business supports to food security and placemaking initiatives: Colwood economic recovery plan: promoting prosperity throughout our community

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