Between four and eight trees will be removed on Belmont Road near London Drugs during the week of November 23, 2020 in preparation for new underground water line and services, road and sidewalk upgrades as part of the Onni development at Colwood Corners.

City staff worked to ensure these trees were left in place as long as possible until new construction work was scheduled to begin. This helps to preserve the existing tree canopy for as long as possible and ensures tree loss is followed by tree replacement as quickly as possible.

The trees will be replaced with new trees that increase safety by reducing the hazard of a tree or limb falling and are more suitable to the soil depth and stability. Trees that frame the street provide many benefits, including shade, natural habitat, less street debris, enhanced safety, and beauty.

Any time tree removal within development lands is considered, the City works with developers and other professionals such as biologists and arborists to determine details about tree species, tree health, nesting and habitat considerations and ground stability. (Similar to how residential property owners provide details to obtain a Tree Permit, although it is a much more complex and costly process on development lands.)

The right hand side of the drawing below shows the future tree and sidewalk plans along Belmont Road. Trees that fall within the planned sidewalk and servicing area are marked with red.