Development Permit Delegation

Authorizes the Director of Development Services to exercise all of the powers, duties and functions of the Council in respect of development permits under s.490 of the Local Government Act (the ‘Act’), including the power to require an applicant to provide a landscaping security by way of an irrevocable letter of credit or the deposit of securities in a form satisfactory to the Director of Development Services (s. 502).

Building Bylaw - Consolidation

This bylaw regulates the administration and enforcement of the Building Code. It applies to the design, construction and occupancy of new buildings, and the alteration, reconstruction, demolition, removal, relocation, repair and change in occupancy of existing buildings, including any work being done pursuant to an order to eliminate an unsafe condition in a building.

Board of Variance Bylaw

This bylaw establishes a Board of Variance for the City of Colwood. The Board of Variance is a statutory committee that has the power to grant minor variances in situations where compliance with the Zoning Bylaw respecting the siting, dimension or size of a building or structure would cause a person undue hardship. 

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