Dec 12, 2022

Murray's Pond Park is a peaceful natural area nestled in the woods near the back of the Royal Bay neighbourhood in Colwood, not far from Royal Bay Secondary School. It's one part of the extensive park improvements being implemented as part of the Royal Bay development.

The viewing platform will allow visitors to enjoy the sights, sounds and natural beauty of the area with minimal disruption to the setting and habitat. Wander along the lovely trail that runs up from Latoria Boulevard above Royal Bay Secondary School with incredible views across the Salish Sea. The illuminated trail meanders down the hill to the pond and the new viewing platform, joining the Painter Trail at Ryder Hesjedal Way.

A unique and sensitive natural setting

Murray's Pond is surrounded by a woodland ecosystem that is home to abundant wildlife and has a unique geological history. The pond itself is a glacial "kettle pond". Kettle ponds were formed when a chunk of a receding glacier broke off and settled in place. The sediment-rich ice block gradually deposited sand, clay, grit and rocks around and on top of it, solidifying. Years later, as the underground ice block melted, the sediment layer caved in to form a large depression that filled with groundwater, creating the pond.

Colwood is working to protect wild places like Murray's Pond where families and students can explore thoughtfully and learn about geography, flora, fauna, the cycle of life and the seasons. The new platform at Murray's Pond is one place that provides a unique natural laboratory to study, enjoy and appreciate our environment. 

Piecing together the history of Murray's Pond

The property where the pond is located was once part of a farm owned by the Murray family. According to Colwood Pioneer Cemetery records, Robert Bertram Murray was born circa1858 and died January 30, 1935. His wife Mary Murray was born circa 1878 and died December 23, 1977.

We will be reaching out to long time community members so we can share more details about the history of this area. If you have history to share, please reach out at

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