Oct 15, 2022

Thank you to everyone who came out to vote in the 2022 Municipal Election.

Preliminary (unofficial) voting results show Doug Kobayshi as Mayor-elect for Colwood, earning 2,559 votes out of the total 3,798 votes cast in Colwood. Going into the election there were 14,761 voters on the voter registration list.

Here are the six Council candidates who earned the most votes in the preliminary count:

Ian Ward - 2,476
David Grove - 2,243
Cynthia Day - 2,109
Dean Jantzen - 2,081
Misty Olsen - 2,038
Kim Jordison - 1,826

Based on these unofficial numbers, returning Councillors are Cynthia Day and Dean Jantzen. The new members of Council are Ian Ward, David Grove, Misty Olsen and Kim Jordison. 

For a full breakdown of election results, visit CivicInfoBC - Colwood.

See also: Election results for School District 62 on CivicInfoBC - Sooke School District.

*These are the unofficial results until final verification by the Chief Election Officer.

​Sincere thanks to all the candidates who were willing to step into a leadership role in our community. It takes a tremendous amount of time, energy, courage and dedication to run an election campaign and our community is better for having the opportunity to meet these candidates and hear about their vision for Colwood.

Colwood's first Kids Vote

The City encouraged kids to vote alongside their parents as a way to learn a bit about democracy, voting and how local government works. We got the word out by asking schools to share the information, ads in the paper and online, and posting signs at each of Colwood's elementary schools and the two parks where improvements are proposed.

Kids got to vote for either a new spray toy at the Colwood Creek Park splash pad, or a nature play area with logs to climb and jump on at Ocean View Park. Both of these improvements are envisioned in Colwood's new Parks & Recreation Master Plan

The feature that received the most votes is the spray feature at Colwood Creek Park Splash Pad! There were 183 votes cast for the spray feature and 163 votes case for the nature play feature. Thanks to all the kids who participated!

Inaugural Meeting of Council

The new Council will be sworn in during the Inaugural Meeting of Council on Monday, November 7, 2022 in Council Chambers. The meeting will include Mayor and Councillors’ Oath of Office, the Mayor’s Inaugural Address and recognition of members of the previous Council. Everyone is welcome. Light refreshments will be served.

Stay involved with your new Council

Colwood Council and Committee of the Whole meetings are held on Mondays at Colwood City Hall and citizens are encouraged to attend anytime. Sign up now to receive email updates about City meetings, news and events at www.colwood.ca/Subscribe. You can also watch Council meetings online the following day.

Get to know Colwood's new Official Community Plan. It lays out the vision, goals, objectives and guidelines for Colwood over time. 

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