Dec 15, 2023

The new roundabout at the intersection of Latoria Road and Veterans Memorial Parkway is now open in all directions.

We would like to acknowledge the patience of nearby property owners, businesses and our community during the construction of this roundabout which is designed to improve the flow and safety of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians in the fast-growing Latoria area.

Incorporating BC Hydro service upgrades

The City was able to adjust the project timelines to incorporate important work by our partners at BC Hydro that will increase our community’s hydro-electric capacity, reinforcing service to existing customers and enabling the operation of large new facilities like the Royal BC Museum Collections and Research Building and the Long Term Care facility which will bring important new amenities to our community.

The hierarchy of provincial services like BC Hydro in relationship to local government means that the City has no direct control over some aspects of large infrastructure projects. BC Hydro is now working to schedule the undergrounding of the hydro lines which will lessen the frequency of power outages while improving the look and feel of this neighbourhood.

Have questions about roundabout etiquette?

The Insurance Corporation of BC has some great 'best practice' tips for navigating a roundabout at How to use a roundabout​ on

More transportation improvements underway now

Keep an eye on some of the other transportation improvements the City of Colwood is working on now, including:

THANK YOU for your patience as the pace of improvement picks up and Colwood Council and staff continue to work to make this a great seaside community to call home.

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