Dec 9, 2022

Did you know Colwood has a group of volunteer amateur radio operators that are ready to jump into action to serve our community in an emergency? These volunteers put in many hours keeping their skills sharp and equipment ready.

Providing vital communications in emergencies

During life and death situations, radio operators are there to provide critical communications. Because their radios can operate using generators, batteries or solar power and are not internet dependent, they can function when all other means of communication have failed. 

When disaster strikes, radio operators may be the sole connection to the outside world—providing a crucial link to lifesaving rescue and support.

Joining forces and recognizing volunteers

Building on the successful merger of the Colwood and View Royal Emergency Support Services Teams in 2008, Colwood Council has approved a plan to support and strengthen this service by joining forces with the View Royal radio operators. The teams already work in close cooperation, and this agreement will formally merge the teams and create a leadership and succession program that recognizes the important contributions of the coordinator and equipment maintainers and operators. A budget of about $4500 will be allocated by each municipality to provide a stipend for volunteers and allow for training, conferences, travel, uniforms and program administration. 

With the Emergency Support Services team ready to provide basic essentials like food, lodging and clothing to people who are forced to leave their homes during a crisis, and Radio Operators keeping lines of communication open, our communities are well prepared for emergencies. This merger will further enhance Colwood's already well established relationship between the two communities' emergency programs and ensure these vital volunteers can continue to serve our community when we need them most.

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