Traffic Delays Are Expected 

When: November 3 & 4, 2022

Where: Veterans Memorial Parkway/Brookside Road/Latoria Road

What: Road Closure – Detour Route

You may need to wait a few minutes when leaving or arriving in the neighborhood near Brookside Road, Latoria Road, and Veterans Memorial Parkway.

Road restoration preparation and paving will be conducted on Veterans Memorial Parkway between Brookside Road and Latoria Road. Therefore, both north AND south bound traffic will be detoured onto Brookside Road and Castlewood Road to continue onto Latoria Road.

Single lane traffic travelling east and west on Latoria Road will be maintained, with minor impact to travel times.

Traffic personnel will be onsite only during the hours of 7am to 5pm to direct traffic. Please follow their directions, obey traffic signs, and use caution after hours.

Contact for the works:

Scansa Construction Ltd.
250-478-5222 or