Traffic delays are expected

When: September 9, 2022, between 8:00am and 12:00pm

Where: Caspian Drive, Dunlin Street, Latoria Blvd, onto Royal Bay south lands

What: Sales office building move

Traffic delays are expected when leaving or arriving in the neighborhood on Caspian Drive, Dunlin Street and Latoria Boulevard

Nickel Bros. House Moving Ltd. will be moving GableCraft sales office from 300 Caspian Drive, onto Caspian Drive, Dunlin Street crossing Latoria Boulevard into the Royal Bay south lands.

Traffic will be stopped and/or detoured around the area during preparation and as transport is occurring on Caspian Drive and Dunlin Street and crossing Latoria Boulevard (5-10 minutes crossing Latoria Blvd is expected), therefore, significant delays to travel time is anticipated.  Please use alternate route if possible, during this time.

Emergency vehicle access will be accommodated for during the rolling closure on Caspian Drive, Dunlin Street and Latoria Boulevard.

Traffic personnel will be onsite to stop/direct traffic. Please follow their directions, obey traffic signs, and use caution.

Note: Removal of Streetlights and boulevard trees on one side of the roads of Caspian, Dunlin and Producers Way is required to accommodate the move and will occur on September 8, reinstallation of lights and trees will occur on September 10.

Contact for the works:

Nickel Bros. House Moving Ltd.
Arlys Stathholt - 604-353-1328 or
Allan Sarchuck – 250-883-9080

Get details and check traffic maps at