Temporary Use Permit TUP-22-001

MEETING: Regular Meeting of Council 

DATE and TIME: Tuesday May 24, 2022, 6:30 PM

PLACE: Council Chambers, 3300 Wishart Road

PURPOSE: To temporarily utilize the subject property as a surface parking lot for the purpose of displaying and showcasing used vehicles.

SUBJECT PROPERTY: 1844 Island Highway, legally described as "Lot 3 Section 1 Esquimalt Plan VIP6051, Except Plan 2857 RW & VIP62997SRW” as shown on the map below.


WRITE TO US: The deadline for written submissions is 12:00 pm on the day of the meeting. All submissions will be published to the meeting agenda, including your name and address. For more information about Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy, go to www.colwood.ca/FOIPPA

SPEAK TO COUNCIL: In Person: The public will be permitted in the Council Chambers on a first come, first served basis until capacity is met. Electronically: Contact corporateservices@colwood.ca prior to noon on the day of the meeting to pre-register to speak .

NEED MORE INFORMATION? Contact Development Services at 250-294-8153/planning@colwood.ca.  The agenda, including material that Council may consider, will posted at www.colwood.ca/meetings