Apr 27, 2022

Do our individual actions make a difference in reducing emissions and combating climate change?  What should we focus on as a community to build toward a low carbon and resilient future? 

Many of the impacts of climate change—extreme weather events and sea level rise—will be felt locally, affecting Colwood citizens and municipal services and operations. That's why the City is developing a Low Carbon Resilience Climate Action Plan which will be our pathway as we prepare and manage climate change impacts.

As we continue to develop the plan, we are looking to residents for input: 

Feedback received during phase 1 of engagement has allowed us to develop a list of Key Shifts and accompanying Big Moves. This organization explains where we need to concentrate our efforts in the near future for the most impact over the long and short term. Taken together, they are the stepping stones in our City's path towards rapid decarbonization and resilience.

Key Shifts and Big Moves 

  • Key Shift #1 - City Hall is a Leader on Climate Solutions 
    Big Moves:
    • Strengthen corporate climate leadership
    • Integrate built and natural asset management
    • Develop a robust emergency preparedness ecosystem
    • Healthy community, healthy economy
  • Key Shift #2 - The City is Connected to Nature 
    Big Moves: 
    • Prioritize natural solutions
    • Enhance biodiversity and conserve habitats
    • Build secure food systems
    • Foster a caring community
  • Key Shift #3 - Low Carbon and Resilient Buildings & Infrastructure
    Big Moves:
    • Step up new buildings
    • Retrofit existing buildings
    • Advance green infrastructure
    • Increase renewable energy security
  • Key Shift #4 - Zero Carbon Transportation and Walkable Communities  
    Big Moves: 
    • Prioritize reliable and efficient public transportation
    • Build robust pathways for people to walk, bike and roll
    • Support zero emissions mobility
    • Focused density around transportation
  • Key Shift #5 - Eco-Innovation & Zero-Waste
    Big Moves:
    • Provide climate literacy & transition training
    • Support local economic innovation
    • Commit to becoming a zero waste community
    • Prevent food waste

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Learn more about the Low Carbon Resilience Climate Action Plan project and complete a survey by May 2 at LetsTalkColwood.ca/LCR