This Colwood Sewer Master Plan, completed in May 2013, evaluates the existing sanitary sewer system, outlines a plan for servicing the City of Colwood (City) in its entirety, provides an overview of sanitary sewer alternatives, and discusses potential impacts of a future western communities’ wastewater treatment plant. In general, this Sewer Master Plan will provide a summary of the existing system and guidance for making decisions regarding the future system.

See the map of Existing Sewer Lines in Colwood.

Because this document includes very large, detailed maps, loading time is slow. The document is presented here in sections:

  1. Introduction (pdf-large)
  2. Land Use (pdf-large)
  3. Infrastructure Model (pdf-large)
  4. Model Population and Loading (pdf-large)
  5. Inflow and Infiltration (pdf-large)
  6. Model Calibration and Validation (pdf-large)
  7. Future Sewer Infrastructure: 
    View Section 7 pages 1-8 (pdf-large)
    View Section 7 pages 9-11 (pdf-large)
    View Section 7 pages 12-13 (pdf-large)
  8. Analysis and Results (pdf-large)
  9. CRD Western Communities Wastewater Treatment Plant (pdf-large)
  10. Sewage Heat Recovery and District Energy (pdf-large)
  11. Capital Projects (pdf-large)
  12. Summary and Recommendations (pdf-large)

View Appendices (pdf-large)