A new neighbourhood takes shape

The developer presented the draft Royal Bay Area Plan at a Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday, May 20. Thank you to all the members of the public who took the time to attend, learn more and provide input. Feel free to review the meeting minutes.

Work happening at the site now

After years of industrial use as a gravel pit, the site has required upgrading to control soil erosion, manage stormwater run-off, suppress noxious weeds and clean contaminated soil. Many years’ worth of land is being regraded in a short time in order to avoid annual disruption and inconvenience to residents. The developer has attempted to limit the amount of dust and inconvenience to area residents through frequent street cleaning and dust control. Operators will continue to work with the City and residents to limit inconvenience of the remaining site upgrades at Royal Bay.​

The timeline below shows the work that has taken place to upgrade the site in preparation for development (click to enlarge).

It is important to note that some of the current activity underway on-site is towards construction of the new Royal Bay Secondary School, under the direction of School District 62.

The first phase of building envisions just over 90 residential lots planned for the area along Ryder Hesjedal Way, which will be the road leading to the new Royal Bay Secondary School.

The development team hosted public open houses on March 6, March 20 and April 3 at Church of the Advent in Colwood. Go to the Royal Bay Area Plan Update website for more information.

Pedestrian and Cycle Friendly Streets

Ryder Hesjedal Way is the road that will run from Latoria Road to the new Royal Bay Secondary School. This road will be uniquely designed to promote a healthy community. With wide pathways on either side of the road to make it safe and easy for students and residents to walk or ride bicycles, the road will connect people to the rest of our community. Landscaped boulevards will safely separate the vehicles from pedestrians and cyclists and make it a beautiful place where people want to spend time. See a rendering of the new Ryder Hesjedal Way road design.

Royal Bay Secondary School construction well underway

We're excited that our community will soon be home to Royal Bay Secondary School. The leading-edge new learning facility will open in September 2015 to 800 high school students. As the first prominent facility built in the new Royal Bay development, it will set the tone for a vibrant waterfront neighbourhood that is founded on family, education, arts and culture, recreation and healthy living.

The ground breaking event for the new school was held September 27, 2013 with the Honourable Peter Fassbender, Minister of Education, Colwood Mayor Carol Hamilton, School District 62 Board Chair Wendy Hobbs and many other honoured guests, including local hero, Ryder Hesjedal. Read more about the Royal Bay Secondary School Groundbreaking event.

There is truly more to a school than books and classrooms. People from our community will volunteer here, they’ll attend theatre productions and musical performances...they’ll cheer at sporting events and sit side by side with neighbours to celebrate the success of our youth. Children will play in the parks here, and families will hike and ride bikes along the roads and pathways. Learn more about the new Royal Bay Secondary School.

Questions about Royal Bay development?

Questions about this work can be directed to the the development team.
Please contact Geoff Heu at GWL Realty Advisors. T 250 477 6450 | info@royalbaycommunity.com