The Fire Danger rating for the City of Colwood is still HIGH. 

The use of outdoor fire appliances is prohibited when the fire rating is high or extreme.

Please take extra care to prevent unintended fires:

  • Properly discard of cigarette butts and never throw a cigarette out the window of a vehicle.
  • Do not leave glass bottles lying in dry grass or brush where the magnified sun may spark a fire.
  • Keep bark mulch moist and away from flammables such as barbecues, vehicles and decorative lights.

BC Wildfire Information

For information and resources about wildfires in BC, visit

​Open burning is prohibited in Colwood at all times.

The City of Colwood prohibits all open yard fires, beach fires and camp fires as well as land clearing, demolition and construction waste fires. More information is available on the Fire Department web page.

Why aren’t beach fires allowed in Colwood?

The Colwood Fire Department would like to remind the public that beach fires are not permitted in Colwood, for several reasons:

  • Smoke from beach fires impacts air quality for the surrounding neighbourhood and can be quite toxic. Some treated drift wood releases dangerous chemicals.
  • Many adults, children and pets have been seriously burned by beach fires that have been left burning, or smothered under the sand and not visible.
  • A small beach fire left burning can be time consuming to get to and put out, tying up first responders who may be needed elsewhere in the community.
  • When the fire rating is LOW, portable propane, charcoal briquette or natural gas appliances may be used.

Protect your home: read the FireSmart Home Owners Manual

If you live in or near a forested region of our province, sooner or later you may have to contend with the spread of a wildfire. The best protection against loss, damage or injury due to wildfire is prevention. Following the FireSmart Home Owners Manual can help reduce that risk.

Campfire restrictions

Check the BC Wildfire Service Fire Bans & Restrictions for the COASTAL FIRE CENTRE.