The Capital Integrated Services & Governance Initiative (CISGI) was initiated by Minister Peter Fassbender, BC's Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, to explore future opportunities to better integrate service and governance in the Capital Region. Read Minister Fassbender's June 2016 letter introducing the initiative

The CISGI project team, lead by Urban Systems and Circle Square Solutions, is encouraging residents of the Capital Region to provide input through a virtual open house, using PlaceSpeak technology. The platform enables stakeholders, citizens and local government officials to view fact sheets on how local government services are delivered in the Capital area and to engage in on-line discussion of the service descriptions. 

The CISGI PlaceSpeak site describes the initiative this way:

What this initiative is:

  • This initiative is about establishing the facts regarding current service delivery and governance in the Capital Region.
  • This initiative is about identifying and discussing the issues, barriers, and opportunities facing local governments in regards to service delivery.
  • This initiative is also about gathering information on what other jurisdictions and public bodies are doing to create efficiencies within organizations.

What this initiative is not:

  • It is not an amalgamation study.
  • It is not a detailed service review.
  • It is not a detailed financial or capital expenditure review.

Go to the CISGI PlaceSpeak site now to learn more, complete the survey, and join the conversation.