Now that summer weather has arrived, the Colwood Fire Department would like to remind residents that open fires are not permitted in Colwood at the beach (or anywhere else in the City), for several reasons:

  • A beach fire left burning can spread through driftwood, beach grasses and into treed areas on ocean winds.
  • Even a small fire can be time consuming to get to and put out, tying up first responders who may be needed elsewhere in the community.
  • Adults, children and pets have been seriously burned by beach fires that have been left burning, or smothered under the sand and not visible.
  • Smoke from beach fires impacts air quality for the surrounding neighbourhood and can be quite toxic. Some treated driftwood releases dangerous chemicals.
  • Many people feel that allowing beach fires would reduce the amount of debris on the beach. But it is important to remember that the driftwood is one of the best natural ways to prevent erosion of our beaches. 

You can still roast your marshmallows at the beach!

Portable propane, charcoal briquette or natural gas appliances are permitted as long as the fire rating is LOW