The City of Colwood is committed to sound financial management and is required by legislation to present a balanced budget every spring. 

Like any business or household, the needs and wants within a municipality are often greater than what can be afforded at one time. Difficult choices must be made based on the priorities of our community and Council. The goal is to deliver a high level of service that strikes a balance between affordability for citizens and city-building initiatives that will improve quality of life while expanding our tax base. 

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What considerations are affecting Colwood's 2023 Financial Plan?

A rapidly growing community like Colwood faces both operational and capital demands. In addition to building new infrastructure and keeping pace with service needs for maintenance of new roads, parks, trails and citizen safety, which represents a 2.8% increase, there are two significant factors affecting the 2023 budget. First, the West Shore Policing Facilities Expansion Project which represents a 2.9% increase, and second, ensuring funds are set aside for future sustainable infrastructure replacement such as aging sewer and storm systems, roads, bridges and other assets, which represents a 1% increase. 

Aren't all the new homes adding tax revenue so that there should be no increase? Consider that much of that revenue is required to pay for the service needs they generate (for example police and fire services) and maintenance of the new infrastructure they create (new roads, drainage, sewer, parks, etc. all need maintenance and repair.)

What is the Service Review?

Every year the City reviews each of its service areas in detail to reaffirm Council expectations, reflect on challenges and opportunities, and set priorities for the coming year. This year Service Review information was presented to Council in public meetings throughout January as described below. Watch video of the meetings by clicking any the dates below. 

  • January 10 Public Works, Parks Trails & Recreation, and Boulevards
  • January 12 Roads, Storm Sewers, Utility, Fire Rescue, Building & Bylaw, Administration & Corporate Services, and Communications
  • January 17 Finance, IT, GIS, and Engineering
  • January 19 Development Services and Community Planning
  • January 24 Human Resources and Policing

Complete 2023 Service Review Package

Draft 2023 Budget

The full draft 2023 Budget was reviewed by Council in public meetings on February 21 and February 23, with direction to staff to proceed with preparation of the 2023 - 2028 Five Year Financial Plan.

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