May 5, 2022

Crack sealing is scheduled on sections of Sooke Road and Old Island Highway during the coming weeks, as the weather allows. A dry surface and a warm day are needed for this work. 

Crack sealing is an important road maintenance practice that extends the life of asphalt and delays the significant costs and disruption of road replacement. Sealing cracks prevents water from penetrating deep into the asphalt and creating potholes. 

Why is sand added after crack sealing?

Sand applied over sealed cracks is an important component of the crack sealing process for two reasons:

  1. it allows vehicles to drive over freshly sealed cracks without the emulsion product sticking to the vehicle tires; and
  2. it is needed to properly bond the sealant to the road surface.

Once the sand and sealant have compacted into cracks—within about 24-48 hours—the residual sand is swept up.

Cyclists, scooter and motorcycle riders should use extra caution when sand may make the road slippery. 

We understand that traffic delays and sand on the roads can be an inconvenience. We appreciate your patience and work to complete the process as quickly as possible. 

If you have any further questions regarding Colwood's crack sealing program, please contact the Public Works Department at at 250-474-4133.