Apr 8, 2022

Colwood's emphasis on the importance of valuing and preserving natural assets was highlighted in Douglas Magazine recently. The recognition followed Colwood's creation of a full inventory of natural assets in the City. The inventory will be expanded over time to support the City's efforts to sustain, preserve, enhance and increase natural resources in Colwood.

What exactly are natural assets?

Natural assets include things like waterways which allow stormwater to fill and flow naturally in creeks, streams, ponds and ditches. And trees, which hold soil in place, enhance air quality and provide shade.

While natural assets grow in value over time, man made infrastructure, like underground pipes, are costly to install and maintain. Colwood strives to clarify environmental considersations and true life cycle costs of infrastructure to support decision making that favours natural assets where possible. 

Below is the article that appeared in the spring 2022 issue of Douglas Magazine. (Click to view as pdf)