Mar 28, 2022

Colwood is seeking input from residents to better understand where and how encounters with rabbits affect community members, to inform decisions about whether some form of management is needed.

We are fortunate to be connected to nature in Colwood, and encounters with animals are a source of joy for many. At the same time, we acknowledge that animals such as deer, raccoons, rabbits, rats, and squirrels can cause issues for homeowners, businesses and municipalities. We seal up holes, put up barriers, select resistant plants, set traps, secure bird feeders and lock down waste bins to reduce attractants and guard against damage and disease.

Rabbits can be particularly challenging as they reproduce very quickly, which can mean damage can multiply quickly as well. Replacing chewed irrigation and wiring, replanting landscaping, protecting sensitive ecosystems such as Garry Oak Meadows, and putting up barriers can all be time consuming and costly.

In areas bordered by busy roads, it can be dangerous for the rabbits as well as for drivers swerving to avoid them. It also creates one of the more unpleasant tasks for the City's Roads team and takes them away from other priorities.

The rabbits we encounter in our area are generally not native to Canada.

Please share your input to help guide Council decisions

Head to Let's Talk Colwood to mark places you encounter rabbits on a map and take the quick 11-questions survey to share your experience and help the City understand residents' experience with rabbits in Colwood.

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