Mar 7, 2022

As a seaside community surrounded by nature, we can all understand the need to address climate change and plan for impacts to our community. The City is developing a Low Carbon Resilience Climate Action Plan which will be our pathway as we prepare and manage climate change impacts.

What is a Low Carbon Resilience Climate Action Plan?

The Low Carbon Resilience Climate Action plan will determine how to adapt to projected climate impacts and find ways to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our community. Specific ways we can rethink and transform how we heat and cool our buildings, how we get around, and how we dispose of our waste will be outlined in this plan. 

Share your Feedback

As we create the Low Carbon Resilience Climate Action plan, we want to make sure we are bringing residents along to tell us what matters most and to help us identify where we can prepare for the impacts of a changing climate while also reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.

We encourage you to share your thoughts about climate change in Colwood: 

  • how do you feel about our changing climate?
  • how much do you already know about climate change and greenhouse gas emissions?
  • how can the City support residents to take action on climate change? 

Take the survey now and learn more about the project at

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