Nov 24, 2021

Watch for a little more sparkle around Colwood and some pop up Holiday Light Nights to lift spirits and spread cheer this holiday season. The first event is panned for the evening of December 10. Don't miss hot chocolate and performances by the Sangster Elementary School choirs at Meadow Park!

Forest Lights at Herm Williams Park


Families can enjoy an evening stroll under the forest lights in Herm Williams Park again this year and discover the beautiful driftwood birds nestled among the trees. Bring your hot chocolate and take a seat in the pergolas while the kids enjoy a little holiday magic on a December evening.

Find your way to Herm Williams Park on Kelly Road.

Driftwood Colwood sign on Kelly Road


A new signature Colwood sign graces the entrance to our community at the corner of Kelly Road and Veterans Memorial Parkway. Crafted from driftwood by artist Paul Lewis, the huge seven foot high letters welcome visitors while reinforcing that Colwood is a seaside community uniquely connected to nature. You'll even find an eagle and an owl perched atop the letters. The sign will soon be twinkling with lights.

Find your way to the Driftwood Colwood Sign.

Meadow Park Sparkles


Meadow Park in Royal Bay is another wonderful place to explore this holiday season. Part of the rocky channel around the first set of foot bridges is lit with blue lights for a sparkling stream effect and the two bridges are being transformed into light tunnels. Special thanks to GableCraft Homes for partnering with the City on this holiday experience.

Find your way to Meadow Park on Dunlin Street.

Colwood Starburst Lights

You'll also see our signature Colwood starburst lights and holiday baskets installed in areas where there are city-owned lamp posts with outlets to accommodate them.

We’ve worked to create bright spots around the community, taking advantage of high visibility, accessible locations that have the power required for lighting. 

We hope these little touches help to encourage families to enjoy some small, special outings together close to home this holiday season.

3 Simple ways to get into the holiday spirit in Colwood

1. Play together

Bring more joy to your holidays! Colwood is all about playing in nature with places like WildPlay Victoria. Gather a gang and go climbing, swinging and zipping through the trees, or test your lumberjack skills with a little axe throwing. Prefer to keep your feet on the ground? Lace up your skates and slip  on your mittens and head to Juan de Fuca Arena for some good old fashioned fun. Or skip the ice and head for the green. Colwood is home to three golf courses where our mild climate makes it possible to golf all year round. Ease into it at the Juan de Fuca Golf Course or go the full 18 at Olympic View Golf Course.

2. Give if you are able

Colwood is home to people and organizations that care, like the Victoria Backpack Project, the Goldstream Food Bank and the wellness programs at Pacific Centre Family Services Association. Now, more than ever, knowing someone cares can make all the difference. Consider giving. 

3. Explore special places

Is there any place as magical as a castle? As intriguing as a lighthouse? as beautiful as an old growth forest? As pow­erful as the winter waves crashing up on an ocean beach? Colwood is filled with special places to spend healthy, qual­ity time with loved ones this holiday season. Visit Hatley Castle & Gardens and wander the lush forest trails that weave throughout miles of scented forest trails and the shore of Esquimalt Lagoon. Explore Fort Rodd Hill and the iconic Fisgard Lighthouse where history meets na­ture in the most wonderful ways. Bundle up and feel the vast power of the ocean as you lean into the wind and the ocean thunders all around you at the Lagoon Beach.