Jun 30, 2021

Today in Colwood, Transportation Minister Rob Fleming announced BC Transit's Victoria Regional RapidBus Implementation Strategy to accelerate the implementation of RapidBus services throughout the Victoria region.

“RapidBus is a key component of our South Island Transportation Strategy, and I’m confident this initiative will help increase ridership throughout the region,” said Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Rob Fleming. “Our government is committed to making it easier, faster, and more affordable for families to move within their communities. More people using public transit means fewer personal vehicles on the road, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and a smaller carbon footprint.”

The strategy introduces the flagship Westshore-Downtown Victoria Line in the next three years to provide transit service that outperforms the personal automobile in speed, comfort and reliability.

"Thank you to the Province and to BC Transit for investing in improvements to transit service between the West Shore and downtown Victoria," said Mayor Rob Martin. "RapidBus is an important step toward reducing vehicle congestion, promoting health through active transportation and working toward our emissions reduction goals."

The goal of RapidBus is to connect areas with the highest travel demands in the region using a combination of corridor treatments, branded services, and improved station amenities. RapidBus will provide connected, frequent, fast, and reliable transit service that will increase ridership and support local governments in meeting their sustainable land use, climate and transportation goals.

  • The implementation of RapidBus services in the Victoria Region has the potential to significantly increase transit mode share by:
  • Supporting post-pandemic regional economic recovery
  • Shaping and supporting growth and regional connectivity
  • Improving passenger comfort and convenience
  • Improving efficiency and capacity of the transit system
  • Supporting the region’s climate action goals

Read the full BC Transit RapidBus News Release