Jun 17, 2021

Ever wondered how often your local park gets mowed? What's involved in trail grooming, tree maintenance, invasive species management, and keeping creeks healthy? How are decisions made about new features like washrooms, water parks, fields, courts or play equipment? 

Join us for a walk in the park with Gord + Gord, Colwood Parks Foreman Gord Beauvillier and Councillor Gordie Logan.

Both Gords are excited to hear about your experience of our local parks, answer questions, share information and talk about what the future holds for parks and trails in Colwood as outlined in the City's new Parks & Recreation Master Plan.

The City is currently creating Parks Management Plans for three parks: Ocean View Park, Lookout Lake Park and Colwood Creek Park. So let's start there!

A limited number of spaces are available, both for safety and to allow for meaningful conversation. Another round of events may be planned in August if there is interest.

  1. Ocean View Park
    Tuesday, June 29 at 6pm
    on Maryanne Crescent (meet by the play structures)
    Read What we heard at Ocean View Park

  2. Lookout Lake Park
    Tuesday, July 6 at 6pm
    Batting Place (meet by the picnic table)
    Read What we heard at Lookout Lake Park
  3. Colwood Creek Park
    Thursday, July 8 at 6pm
    Sunridge Valley Drive (meet by the play structures)
    Read What we heard at Colwood Creek Park

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