May 11, 2021

Colwood Council will meet this week for a final Financial Plan review

At this week's meetings Council is expected to finalize the 2021-2025 Financial Plan which will determine Colwood's 2021 property tax rates for both residents and businesses.

Like any business or household, the needs and expectations of a municipality are often greater than what can be afforded at one time. Difficult choices must be made based on the priorities of the community and Council. The goal is to deliver a high level of service that strikes a balance between household prosperity and city-building initiatives that will improve quality of life while optimizing our tax base. 

Residential property tax rates must be considered alongside business rates as Council works to balance household prosperity with the provision of City services and the goal of making Colwood more competitive as a place to do business.

More information about Colwood property tax rates will be available following Special Meetings of Council on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Questions + Answers

What will my 2021 tax increase be?

Council meetings this week will determine Colwood's 2021 property tax rates.

What services can I expect for my 2021 tax dollars?

Review the Draft 2021-2025 Five Year Financial Plan for full details about service increases, capital projects and special initiatives. 


  • New sidewalk and cycling lanes along the length of Painter Road to improve access, especially for students walking or cycling to and from Dunsmuir, Royal Bay, Sangster and Wishart Schools as well as people using the Painter Trail.
  • New sidewalks and cycling lanes on Metchosin Road between Cotlow Road and Benhomer Road.
  • Intersection upgrades at Latoria Road and Veterans Memorial Parkway, with a new roundabout to improve traffic flow. This project is in partnership with the Olympic View development.
  • Road and intersection upgrades on Veterans Memorial Parkway between Sooke Road and Cairndale Road to support the growing development in the Allandale District.
  • Traffic Calming Pilot Projects in areas throughout the City, working with residents to improve the comfort and safety of neighbourhoods.
  • Park Improvement Plans to implement community feedback expressed in the Parks & Recreation Master Plan for new trail connections, play areas, athletic amenities, fitness equipment, 
  • Creation of a Waterfront Improvement Plan with designs for a waterfront walkway connecting the Lagoon Beach to Royal Beach.
  • Working toward construction of a Galloping Goose pedestrian and cycling bridge over Sooke Road from the Wale Road crossing to create a safe and seamless connection. The City has applied for a grant to help fund this project.
  • Sewer Master Plan Update
  • Drainage and Flow Monitoring
  • Policing Enhancements and Emergency Planning Initiatives
  • And more…. See the draft 2021-2025 Financial Plan

How does Colwood determine budget priorities?

Each fall, staff facilitate a Service Review process to reaffirm Council's service expectations and clarify priorities for the coming year.

Following the Service Review, a draft financial plan is prepared for review and discussion in a series of public meetings which Colwood residents are encouraged to attend to learn more and provide input.

Property tax notices are prepared after the financial plan and tax rate bylaws are adopted by Council. Tax notices are issued near the end of May and tax payments are due on the first business day after July 1st. Read more at

Where can I learn more about Council’s overall plan and vision for the future of Colwood?

The Colwood Official Community Plan outlines the City's vision, goals and objectives based on the input of more than 1400 direct interactions with residents and stakeholders.

Council's Strategic Plan describes Council's goals and tactics for 2019-2023 focus on enhancing Mobility, Prosperity, Governance and Vibrancy.

Additional guiding documents include Transportation Master Plan, Parks & Recreation Master Plan, Waterfront Improvement Plan and others. Find these are more at