Jan 4, 2021

Safe in the event of an earthquake

The required safety upgrades to the dam at Lookout Lake are now complete.

The project was completed with funding from the UBCM Community Emergency Preparedness Fund to ensure the dam meets safety standards should our area experience a major earthquake.

Easier access to the water

Visitors to the park will notice more level space to lay out a blanket by the lake and a gentler slope down to the waters' edge.

Natural fencing has been added on the downstream slope opposite to the lake for safety.

During 2021 budget deliberations Colwood Council may consider additional amenities for the park, such as seating or beach enhancements. Opportunities for public input would be included as part of any proposed improvements.

A local fishing spot

Several large logs and roots have been placed in the water along with fish spawning gravel to create a fish habitat enhancement area. The Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC has advised they plan to resume stocking the lake with Rainbow Trout in March 2021.

Learn more about why upgrades were required to the dam.

Photo credits: David Street and Kyle Lancaster

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