Mar 25, 2020

Mayor Martin's message to residents

The Prime Minister’s message has been clear: Go home and stay home.

I have heard your concerns about people gathering on beaches and in parks.

I share those concerns.

That’s why, today, staff are preparing to close parking areas adjacent to beaches and parks to limit gatherings in those areas.

This will include Ocean Boulevard and Esquimalt Lagoon as well as the Royal Beach Park and other park areas. Please obey City signage.

We all face the challenge of balancing the need to stay healthy and connected with the imperative that we keep our distance.

This is not a time for visiting each other.

Please be resolute in staying home to limit everyone’s exposure.

Dr. Bonnie Henry’s orders are not suggestions. They are the law.

Make no mistake – our actions today will determine how long this outbreak lasts, and how many lives will be lost.

These are uncertain times. I know making ends meet and long-term finances are on many people’s minds.

The Province has signalled potential changes in property tax deadlines.  

The City of Colwood supports the Province in this consideration.

Lastly, I’m inspired by the creative ways Colwood residents are showing kindness, connecting online, and boosting each other’s spirits.

This is how we will move through this difficult time:

Stay home. Stay healthy. Stay positive. Stay kind.