Jan 31, 2019

Environment and Climate Change Canada is considering making amendments to the List of Wildlife Species at Risk, and would like your input.

Five of the species included in this national consultation are found in British Columbia. They are listed below. Click on the link for more detail about each species.

  • Acuteleaf Small Limestone Moss: New listing as Endangered 
    A moss found in a few locations on Vancouver Island.
  • Smoker’s Lung Lichen: New listing as Threatened
    A lichen occurring in three subpopulations in the Coastal Mountain Ranges and Interior Mountain Ranges of British Columbia. The majority of individuals are found in the Northwestern region (Kispiox and Skeena valleys).
  • Olive-sided Flycatcher: Reclassification from Threatened to Special Concern
    A forest songbird that breeds throughout forested Canada.
  • Common Nighthawk: Reclassification from Threatened to Special Concern
    A medium-sized bird found across southern and boreal Canada. It occurs throughout British Columbia, including Vancouver Island, but is not found in the Coast Mountains or Haida Gwaii.
  • Peregrine Falcon: Reclassification from Special Concern to Not at Risk
    A bird of prey that breeds in southern parts of British Columbia.

Submit your comments by May 13, 2019 for species under a normal consultation process or by October 14, 2019 for species following an extended consultation path (the Common Nighthawk, the Olive-sided Flycatcher, and the Peregrine Falcon anatum/tundrius). There will also be an opportunity to provide comments during the 30-day public consultation period associated with pre-publication in Canada Gazette Part I.

Additional information on the listing and consultation processes is available on this web page: Consultation on Amending the List of Species under the Species at Risk Act -Terrestrial Species: January 2019This includes a questionnaire that provides you guidance on the types of information and comments Environment and Climate Change Canada is seeking.

We encourage you to submit your comments through the SARA Public Registry. You are also welcome to contact our regional office with any questions:

Conservation Planning Unit
Canadian Wildlife Service / Pacific Region
Environment and Climate Change Canada / Government of Canada
5421 Robertson Road RR #1, Delta, BC, V4K 3N2