Jan 22, 2019

Colwood Council will schedule a Censure Hearing with Councillor Cynthia Day following concerns that her recent actions related to work undertaken on City property outside her home may have violated the City’s Code of Ethics.

Censure is a formal Council resolution to reprimand one of its own members for a serious violation of law or City policy. It could result in sanctions that limit the Council member’s appointments to committees and other opportunities to represent the municipality. It does not carry a fine or dismissal.

The concerns are related to the requirement that Council members respect decisions made by Council and that they refrain from abusive conduct, personal charges or verbal attacks upon the character or motives of other members of Council, staff or the public.

“The balance of Council was compelled to respond to concerns expressed about Councillor Day’s recent conduct,” said Mayor Rob Martin. “We are committed to going into this process with an open mind and moving forward as a united Council with a clear understanding of the line between what is and is not acceptable behaviour for Council members.”

The City will work with Councillor Day to find a mutually agreeable hearing date and provide her with ample notice of this date along with all related information. Council members view this hearing as an opportunity to better understand Councillor Day’s point of view and feel it is important that she have sufficient time to review the details, prepare her statements and be heard.

Mayor Rob Martin is confident in Council’s ability to move past this matter.

“We have a strong council that brings together a wide range of perspectives and has a proven ability to listen and come to consensus,” said Mayor Martin. “We look forward to turning our collective energy toward revitalizing Colwood with an exceptional town centre and a world class seaside village at Royal Bay.”

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