Nov 29, 2018

These preliminary Council meeting highlights present an overview of selected agenda items only. Please refer to the meeting minutes for full details. In the event that there is a discrepancy between documents, the minutes prevail. We encourage you to get all the details. Read the full agenda on the Colwood website at:

Public Participation

  • No one from the public addressed Council.

Mayor’s Message


  • Council received a letter from Walk-On Victoria with regional recommendations to make municipalities more walkable.
  • Council confirmed the appointment of Mayor Martin to the Capital Region Housing Corporation.
  • Council approved expenditures from the Greater Victoria Public Library reserve fund for the replacement/refurbishment of the Juan de Fuca Library Branch.

Agenda Items

  • Council approved Development Permit Fee reductions for developments already in process when the new OCP was adopted. Read the report
  • Council supported hosting a Council to Council event with Esquimalt Nation with funding from the First Nations Summit and UBCM. Read the report
  • Council approved an amended policy that identifies the City’s priorities for processing valid bylaw complaints in the following order: Read the report
    1. Health, safety and security of the public
    2. Damage to the environment
    3. Impact on the community (community standard)
    4. Impact on the complainant
    5. Nature of the complaint and the allegation (e.g. repeat offence)
  • Council confirmed appointments to Boards, Commissions and Committees: Read the report
    • CRD Board - Mayor Martin, Director (Alternate: Doug Kobayashi)
    • CRD Climate Action Inter-Municipal Task Force - Michael Baxter
    • Capital Region Emergency System Telecommunications - Gordie Logan, Director
      Mayor Rob Martin, Delegate to Annual General Meeting
    • Greater Victoria Labour Relations Association - Stewart Parkinson, Director
      Doug Kobayashi, Alternate Director
      Rob Martin, Delegate to Annual General Meeting
    • CRD Regional Water Commission & JdF Water Distribution Commission - Rob Martin
    • Emergency Planning Committee - Michael Baxter
    • Board of the Greater Victoria Public Library and Juan de Fuca Branch - Doug Kobayashi
    • Intermunicipal Advisory Committee on Disability Issues - Cynthia Day (Alternate: Dean Jantzen)
    • Pioneer Cemetery Board of Trustees - Stewart Parkinson (Alternate: Michael Baxter)
    • School District Liaison Committee - Cynthia Day (Alternate: Gordie Logan
    • St. John the Baptist Cemetery Board of Trustees - Stewart Parkinson (Alternate: Michael Baxter)
    • Te'mexw Treaty Advisory Committee - Cynthia Day (Alternate: Rob Martin)
    • Victoria Family Court and Youth Justice Committee - Cynthia Day (Alternate: Stewart Parkinson)
    • Council rep. to West Shore Chamber of Commerce - Dean Jantzen (Alternate: Michael Baxter)