Oct 30, 2018

Colwood has been selected along with seven other communities to participate in an Island-wide collaborative project that will help us understand how a changing climate could affect our community’s quality of life, and to make a plan to reduce the risks.

The project will run from fall 2018 to summer 2020 in partnership with the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) Canada, which was awarded funding from the Real Estate Foundation of BC for the project.​

ICLEI brings together stakeholders and decision-makers in each community to collaboratively assess and prioritize specific risks around things like wildfires, increasing storms, changing water levels, and flooding, then develop an implementation-ready adaptation plan for our community. 

ICLEI will complete the project by hosting four workshops in Colwood over the next 6-10 months, as well as four Provincial workshops to involve Ministry partners, utility providers and others.

"This is an opportunity to bring together global expertise and local knowledge to help the municipality and its partners better understand and adapt to the impacts of a changing climate," said Colwood Mayor Carol Hamilton. "Extreme weather events create real world problems that we all need to plan for: health and safety issues, school closures, employee absences, unpredictable food sources, increasing energy costs, and lack of access to supplies and resources."  ​

ICLEI Canada is a non-profit that specializes in supporting municipalities with climate change planning efforts. ICLEI will provide project partners with one-on-one technical and advisory services, as well as assistance with planning, logistics, and delivery of stakeholder engagement activities. ICLEI will also facilitate networking and knowledge sharing opportunities with other participating local governments. For more information about ICLEI Canada visit www.icleicanada.org.