Aug 28, 2018

Future concept: Colwood Corners

Thanks to the many people who joined us in making waves to create a bold new community plan! The 2018 Colwood Official Community Plan was adopted by Council at their meeting on Monday, August 27, 2018. 

The plan is the result of extensive research and community involvement over the past two years, and provides a blueprint for continued growth and change for the next 20 years in Colwood. Council will look to the vision and goals expressed in the plan when facing decisions about new development, improvements to parks and public spaces, road and infrastructure projects, and more. 

Residents, stakeholders, professionals, and staff who participated in the plan expressed a clear vision for Colwood as "a spectacular seaside community set apart by its outstanding natural setting and exceptional quality of life". We'll be working hard to continue making waves to achieve this vision over the coming years. 

Community input emphasized the importance of developing vibrant public spaces and town centres at Colwood Corners and Royal Bay, while protecting the natural areas that make Colwood unique. These needs are reflected in the Official Community Plan goals:

  1. Colwood's waterfront is a stewarded, world-class destination for residents and visitors alike.
  2. People and nature are exceptionally well connected in Colwood.
  3. Colwood residents have realistic transportation choices.
  4. Public spaces in Colwood - including streets - are for public life.
  5. Colwood is home to family-friendly neighbourhoods that provide housing choices.
  6. Colwood is carbon neutral, energy positive, water smart, and prepared to adapt to a changing world.

These goals are the foundation for clear policies and guidelines laid out in the plan that will provide direction about all aspects of the community, including Growth Management, Land Use, Streets and Mobility, Housing, Climate Change, Park Areas & Natural Assets, Built & Natural Infrastructure, Arts & Culture, Food Systems, and Economy. 

Learn more about the 2018 Colwood Official Community Plan