Jun 7, 2018

Council wants your feedback on Colwood's updated Official Community Plan.

Colwood Council invites you to share your thoughts about the new draft Official Community Plan (OCP) at a Public Hearing scheduled for Monday, June 18, 2018 at 7:00 pm at the Colwood Pentecostal Church at 2250 Sooke Road. Can't make it? Written submissions can be made to City Hall.

You shared your ideas at Making Waves events, at the Big Ideas Fair, in steering committee meetings, on feedback boards, at mobile booths, and through the Making Waves survey. Specific events were offered for seniors, students, First Nations, developers, business owners and other groups.
You took advantage of opportunities to read about and help refine the resulting OCP themes and directions in Colwood newsletters, local newspapers and online, and voice your views at events, in steering committee meetings, through submissions, and in conversation with City staff.
Information shared in Colwood newsletters, local newspapers, and online encouraged you to review the resulting plan and provide feedback. Policies in the plan were continually refined through input at events like the open house at the Christmas Light Up, steering committee meetings, a workshop and subsequent face to face meetings with the business and development community, a public Committee of the Whole meeting arranged for the business and development community to voice their views directly to Council, a formal legislated referral process, and several public Council meetings.

So what happens at a Public Hearing?

This is your opportunity to share your thoughts about the plan directly with Council. Does the plan fit with your vision for Colwood? Does it make you excited for the future of our community?

Review the Colwood Official Community Plan (Or start with this OCP Overview and then dive into the detail of sections that most interest you.)

The Public Hearing is not a question and answer period, so the topic will not be debated. It is Council’s opportunity to hear directly from you in person or through a written submission about the OCP before making final decisions.

Where can I get an overview of what's included in the plan?

Have a read through the 15-page OCP Overview of the draft 2018 Colwood Official Community Plan.

How has public feedback been incorporated into the plan?

A number of changes were identified and incorporated after the first draft was shared widely at events, online and in local newspapers, encouraging input from citizens and members of the development community. Here is the list of revisions to the first draft (Feb 19) and the list of revisions to the second draft (May 28).  

Looking back - how the draft OCP was developed

In October 2016, the City began to ask for input into a new Official Community Plan that better reflects the current values of the community. 

From October 2016 to May 2017, more than 1400 citizens and partners shared ideas about their vision for Colwood to help shape the plan. Thousands of responses were recorded through talk back events, sounding boards, online surveys, multiple events, fairs, displays, workshops, steering committee meetings and public Council meetings. Ideas were reviewed against the current plan and combined with rigorous analysis and data gathering by professional urban planners, transportation planners, architects, landscape architects, and biologists, to establish draft goals and directions. 

The new draft community vision, goals and directions were presented for public review beginning in June 2017 to ensure they accurately reflected the community's input. Those formed the foundation for the first draft of the plan that will guide policy direction for the City as it continues to change over time.

The draft plan was presented for feedback at various meetings and events, including an interactive workshop with 30+ members of the development community on November 27, 2017, at the Colwood Christmas Light Up on December 6, 2018, at OCP Steering Committee meetings, Committee of the Whole meetings, Council meetings, well as in newsletters, local newspapers and online. Get all the background at www.colwood.ca/MakingWaves/WhatWeHeard

​Please encourage your neighbours to review the community plan

The more community input Council receives, the better this plan will be. Ask your neighbours if they have checked it out. Share this page on your social media accounts. Mention it in your local groups. Make some waves for a better Colwood!