Apr 30, 2018

BC Hydro has advised the City that they will be pruning trees in Colwood during the first two weeks of May. Adept Vegetation Management Inc. will be doing the work on behalf of BC Hydro.

Tree pruning is planned in the following areas:

  • Metchosin Road - between Sooke Road and Latoria Road
  • Lagoon Road
  • Sooke Road - between Kelly Road and Jacklin Road
  • Fulton Road
  • Wishart Road - between Metchosin and Windthrop

BC Hydro information about pruning

Trees and other plants growing near power lines and ground-level transformers must be maintained so they don’t interfere with the electrical system. Otherwise, outages and safety hazards occur.

BC Hydro works with Certified Utility Arborists to prune trees within 3 metres of distribution or neighbourhood power lines. If a tree cannot be made safe by pruning, BC Hydro will contact the property owner.

Not sure about the difference between distribution and tansmission lines? See this helpful visual guide to power lines.

Not sure where to plant trees, hedges or shrubs so they don’t become a future concern? See their Planting near power lines guide.

Read more at https://www.bchydro.com/safety-outages/trees-power-lines/pruning-removin...