Mar 28, 2017

These preliminary Council meeting highlights present an overview of selected agenda items only. Please refer to the meeting minutes for full details. In the event that there is a discrepancy between documents, the minutes prevail. We encourage you to get all the details. Read the full agenda on the Colwood website at:

Public Participation

The seats were full in Council Chambers and four residents expressed concerns about development and blasting. Some suggestions included the need for blasting contractors to comply with the bylaw requiring them to provide timely and detailed written notices to homes, ensure warning signals are clear and audible, and inspect homes adjacent to development sites prior to blasting.

Concerns about the number of development variances being requested and approved were also raised, along with the suggestion that bylaw readings be spaced out to allow for citizen input.

Mayor’s Message: Signing of MOU with Songhees regarding Royal Roads Lands

Mayor Hamilton and Songhees Chief Ron Sam today signed a memorandum of understanding laying out a framework to work collaboratively on future plans for the Royal Roads Lands. Mayor Hamilton noted that this MOU is the beginning of conversations that will allow the City of Colwood to have a voice in plans for the future of the Royal Roads Lands. Read more at:

Council provides letter of support to West Shore Arts Council

Colwood Council will provide a letter of support to the West Shore Arts Council to assist them in obtaining a Gaming Grant.

Council receives letter about youth and child exploitation

Council received a letter outlining recommendations to help stop youth and child exploitation, and directed staff to explore ways to share the information, including the possibility of showing the documentary “Red Light Green Light” at Royal Bay’s Teechamista Theatre. Council will also send a letter of thanks to Cathy Peters for her work in this area. Read more

Development variance permit for 517 and 535 Latoria Road approved

Council approved a variance request to increase lot coverage from 35% to 40% on lots 1-4, and on lots 19, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 and 29 to create a more functional floor plan and increase floor area on the upper levels. These changes will allow for buildings to have only a single level visible from the street, improving the esthetic of the neighbourhood. Read the report

Development variance permit for 543 Latoria Road approved in part

Council approved a variance request to increase lot coverage from 35% to 40% on lots 1 and 6. Neither staff nor Council supported an additional request to increase the maximum building height from 8.5m to 12.5m for lots 7 and 10. Read the report

Resolution to attract doctors to BC communities

Council approved a resolution asking the province to put tools and incentives in place to attract physicians back to BC communities. Over the past year, staff and members of Council have met with representatives of the South Island Division of Family Practices to discuss issues related to health care provision on the West Shore. BC is losing doctors and medical graduates to other provinces where incentives are significantly higher. The resolution will be forwarded to the Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities Annual Convention. Read the memorandum


Third Reading , Bylaw No. 1665: Official Community Plan Bylaw for Royal Bay Latoria North
Third Reading, Bylaw No. 1666: Land Use Bylaw Amendment for Royal Bay Latoria North
Final Reading, Bylaw No. 1628: Colwood Main Sewer Local Area Service Bylaw Establishment and Loan Authorization (LAS Enlargement – 2130 Sooke Road)
First, Second and Third Reading, Bylaw No. 1669: Colwood Main Sewer Local Area Service Establishment and Loan Authorization Bylaw (LAS Enlargement – 3376 Wishart Road)
First, Second and Third Readings, Bylaw No. 1670: Colwood West Sewer Local Area Service Establishment and Loan Authorization Bylaw (LAS Enlargement – 3376 Wishart Road)