Mar 15, 2017

These preliminary Council meeting highlights present an overview of selected agenda items only. Please refer to the meeting minutes for full details. In the event that there is a discrepancy between documents, the minutes prevail. We encourage you to get all the details. Read the full agenda and watch the video on the Colwood website at:

Public Participation

One member of the public spoke about the City’s 2017 budget, and a contingent of teachers, students and parents from Wishart Elementary School attended to speak about their request for funding to proceed with a community connections mural.

Funding granted for Wishart Elementary School Community Connections Mural

Wishart Elementary School has raised $3500 toward replacement of their Community Connections mural and requested that the City match those funds. Council approved provision of $3500 from the public art reserve fund for the project. Read the letter from Wishart Elementary School.

Council approves Colwood Corners parking variance & green roof requirements

A parking study for the Colwood Corners development submitted by the applicant (Onni Group), completed by Watt Consulting Group, determined that the parking requirements in place for the previous owner’s plans for Capital City Centre were higher than many other municipalities and higher than industry standards. Their calculations indicate that this variance will still provide approximately 211 parking spaces beyond the expected demand.

Staff have also worked closely with the applicant to improve the site plan, landscaping and pedestrian environment, including a public plaza and children’s play area. In addition, the new parking plan requires that a least 25% of the stalls will include an external power source for electric vehicles.

The agreement also updates green roof requirements on the site. All new buildings between three and six storeys will have ‘extensive’ green roofs with 75% coverage. Residential Building I will have an ‘intensive’ green roof that will be accessible by building residents.

Onni has indicated that they expect to start major construction this year. Read the full Council report on Colwood Corners.

Bylaw Enforcement annual report

Bylaw officers monitor concerns related to 17 City bylaws that encompass 284 different regulations. Successful programs include the Graffiti Outreach Program, City Watch Program and support for Emergency Preparedness programs. This year, Officer Phil Williams was named BC’s Bylaw Enforcement Officer of the Year. Bylaw Enforcement’s file volume has almost doubled since 2012, from 765 actions to 1397 actions. Read the full Bylaw Enforcement Annual Report.

Appointment of 2017 Central Sewer Tax Review Panel rescinded

The City will commence taxation for the expansion of the Central Sewer Local Area Service in the 2018 calendar year when final costs are reported, therefore the tax roll review panel is not required in 2017. Read more about the Tax Review Panel.


First & Second Readings, Bylaw No. 1628: Colwood Main Sewer Local Area Service Bylaw Establishment and Loan Authorization