Feb 4, 2015

Updated May 14, 2021

The City's community-led Official Community Plan designates the large parcel of land that begins at 3476 Wishart Road and extends back to 3460 & 3461 Veterans Memorial Parkway as "Neighbourhood - Hillside and Shoreline". This designation allows for ground-oriented buildings up to three storeys and low-rise buildings of no more than six storeys.

Background about this development 

The land was originally rezoned in 2014 and the first phase of a 20 acre residential project began in 2015 at 3476 Wishart Road opposite the Royal Bay neighbourhood in Colwood. A range of single family homes, townhomes, and condominium units were proposed, to be constructed over four phases. Phase one included plans for 24 single family homes and a 22 unit townhome, many with water and mountain views. The City hosted a public hearing on October 30, 2014 at Colwood City Hall to receive input from the public about this project.

As part of the original rezoning the developer agreed to dedicate 3.4 hectares (45% of the original lot). Thus far, the latest rezoning application does not propose any additional park dedication. The map on page 339 in Land Use Bylaw No.150 illustrates the general location of the dedicated lands.

In December 2020, the City received a rezoning application asking Council to consider changes to the existing Comprehensive Development 22 (CD22) Zone, which regulate the development on the lands.

On May 14, 2021, an updated submission was received. See submitted documents in the table below.



3460 & 3461 Veterans Memorial Parkwaymap link

BC-Alta Development

OCP Designation: Neighbourhood Hillside and Shoreline (p. 53)
  • Ground-oriented buildings up to approximately three storeys.
  • Low rise buildings of no more than six storeys
  • FAR ranging up to approximately 1.2
Current Zoning: 
Comprehensive Development 22 (CD22) Zone

Proposal:  Mixed-use residential apartment buildings with retail commercial on the ground floor. 

Application Submission Received May 14, 2021:

What does it mean when you see a development sign?

Development signs are public notification that the property owner has made an APPLICATION that the City must consider. They don't mean the City has endorsed a proposal. Council will not yet have seen the proposal when the sign is posted.

The sign is the public's cue that there will be opportunities for Council and community members to discuss the proposal.

You are encouraged to share your thoughts with Council when information about the application is presented to them. Sign up to receive agendas by email at www.colwood.ca/Subscribe