Hey Good Neighbour, thanks for stopping by! 

Colwood’s Good Neighbour program is a resident-led effort to help neighbours connect and support one another, and to build a resilient neighbourhood. This is achieved by encouraging residents to get to know each other, largely through activities organized by you, a Neighbourhood Program leader. 

Below is a collection of activity ideas you can do (safely) with your neighbours that will support individual and community well-being. Some activities may require additional approvals.

  • Host a street cleanup party - perhaps you have noticed a part or your street, building, or grounds that is looking like it needs a little attention. Tall weeds are growing, or a boulevard area needs mowing, perhaps graffiti is covering a wall, or the storm drains are full of leaves and litter. Invite your neighbours to join you in a quick cleanup party. Many hands make light work…and more fun.
  • Join Colwood’s “City Watch” - one of the best ways to ensure safety and security in your neighbourhood is to simply keep an eye out for one another. When neighbours know each other and the people who work within their community, they are more likely to notice and report anything out of the ordinary. See more about Colwood’s City Watch program.
  • West Shore RCMP Block Watch - get involved with the West Shore RCMP Block Watch program, a community-based crime prevention program which aims to improve the quality of life within a neighbourhood by minimizing preventable crime and promoting closer community ties. Click here to learn more.
  • Learn about traffic calming - neighbours can come together to brainstorm creative ideas to slow traffic down such as art installations, street murals, unique signage, or plant-bollards. Click here to learn more about current traffic initiatives and how to get in touch with City officials to discuss measures to slow traffic in your area, to more safely allow children to play outside, and to help neighbours to convene.