Hey Good Neighbour, thanks for stopping by!

Colwood’s Good Neighbour program is a resident-led effort to help neighbours connect and support one another, and to build a resilient neighbourhood. This is achieved by encouraging residents to get to know each other, largely through activities organized by you, a Neighbourhood Program leader. 

Below is a collection of activity ideas you can do (safely) with your neighbours that will support individual and community well-being. Some activities may require additional approvals.

  • Start a neighbourly “check-in” - everyone is experiencing the impacts of Covid-19 differently. Some of your neighbours may have to take extra precautions and be unable to complete their normal errands. Others may be willing and able to help. Encourage neighbours to check on each other regularly, and perform simple tasks, such as picking up shopping at the store, or delivering mail to the nearest post box.
  • Complete a Neighbourhood Pandemic Plan - Want to help your neighbours but not sure how to? Complete the Neighbourhood Pandemic Plan and make connections with your neighbours to find out how you can help eachother going forward. 
  • Chalk your block - invite the kids on your street or in your building to draw murals in chalk to bring colour to your environment. It’s just a fun activity that allows children to contribute to overall good will! Spread kindness by inviting words and drawings that encourage hope and faith in the future. Adults can join in by writing ideas for other neighbourly activities. Click here for some great ideas.
  • Placemaking - Placemaking is about reimagining spaces in fun and exciting ways through art, gardens, gathering areas, or other programming. This can be done with almost no budget, all you need is imagination! Visit VictoriaPlacemaking.ca to be inspired by projects completed in Greater Victoria and visit Colwood.ca/CreatePlaces to view the recipients of the Colwood Create Places grant and what your neighbours have dreamed up here in our community. 
  • Promote “Block Parents” - encourage an agreement among parents on your street to work together to increase personal safety of children during the pandemic.Visit the Block Parent Canada website at: BlockParent.ca

Want to read more about pandemic recovery in Colwood? Check out the Colwood Economic Recovery Plan