Hey Good Neighbour, thanks for stopping by! 

Colwood’s Good Neighbour program is a resident-led effort to help neighbours connect and support one another, and to build a resilient neighbourhood. This is achieved by encouraging residents to get to know each other, largely through activities organized by you, a Neighbourhood Program leader. 

Below is a collection of activity ideas you can do (safely) with your neighbours that will support individual and community well-being. Some activities may require additional approvals.

  • Create a tool / sports equipment sharing system for your neighbourhood - have gear that’s gathering dust in your garage? Maybe others would have a use for it! Compile a list of tools or equipment that neighbours are willing to loan out so that it can be enjoyed by everyone.
  • Build a clothing / housewares exchange box on your block - have piles of clothes or boxes of toys your kids have outgrown? Have housewares or books or shoes or glass jars you no longer use? Get together with neighbours to build a “Take It or Leave It” box on your block where people can exchange, donate, or take unused household items.
  • Create a toy trading system for your neighbourhood - are your kids tired of the same old toys? Are you tired of piles of unused toys lying around the house? Gather the toys according to theme (maybe musical instruments, or wooden blocks, or dress-up) and put them in a cloth bag with a label and inventory list. Have other parents do the same and trade toy bags! (Remember to leave out favourite/sentimental toys).
  • Neighbourhood Bulk-Buy - Get together with your neighbours to purchase food items in bulk. Place larger orders with local distributors or growers to buy anything from common grocery items, to canned goods or produce. Buying in bulk can help you to save money, support local food producers, eat healthier, and connect to your community. Do you have your eye on some fresh berries from the local farm? Ask your neighbours to go in on an order with you!

  • Start a fairy garden - use scrap wood or driftwood to build a small doll-sized house to place at the base of a tree on your boulevard. Ask kids in your area to donate small toys and start building a house and garden for fairies.
  • Form a walking group - did you know Colwood has over 50 parks and trails? Explore somewhere new while connecting with people on your street.