The West Shore Public Alert Notification System (PANS) is now powered by Alertable. PANS informs subscribers of major emergencies or disasters that may impact you, or your family. If you live, work, or play in the West Shore, you are invited to register. Signing up is easy and can be done from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. There is no fee to sign up.

PANS provides you with critical life-saving information during emergencies, such tsunami or wildfire. We encourage residents to download the Alertable app for iOS and Android smartphones or visit to receive additional advisory information, such as weather warnings or road safety information.

Existing PANS Subscribers

Colwood and other West Shore communities are now now using Alertable to send emergency notifications. During the upgrade, existing subscribers need to register to continue to receive alerts. Sign up to receive emergency notifications by text message, email, or phone call by clicking here. We encourage residents to download the Alertable app for iOS and Android smartphones.

Learn more about Alertable and view Frequently Asked Questions at: