As we turn the page on another year, we're taking a moment to look back at just a few of the exciting announcements from 2023 that will be transformational for Colwood as we head into 2024.

1. Creating a pathway along the Colwood Waterfront

Imagine walking or cycling on a multi-use pathway from Island Highway, through the dappled shade of the trees along Ocean Boulevard, past Fort Rodd Hill & Fisgard Lighthouse, over the Lagoon Bridge and along Colwood's waterfront all the way to The Beachlands and up into Royal Bay. This new active transportation connection will be transformational for Colwood, connecting town centre areas to the waterfront on a safe and accessible pathway that protects sensitive waterfront areas. 

In 2023, Colwood received a $6M grant to move this exciting multi-year project forward. First steps are underway in partnership with local Nations and the BC Archaeology Branch to ensure the protection of the sensitive ecology and archaeology of the coastline and lagoon areas. City staff are also working closely with Parks Canada and staff at Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Site to extend the multi-use pathway up Ocean Boulevard from the Lagoon Bridge to Island Highway. 

These pathways will also link to Colwood's parks & trails as the City moves forward with the Colwood Parks & Recreation Master Plan which will guide the creation of a beach to mountain trail network as well as new parks, public washrooms, play features, recreation facilities and other amenities. 

Read more about Colwood's plans for a Waterfront Multi-Use Pathway and the Colwood Parks & Recreation Master Plan

2. Connecting the Galloping Goose trail with a pedestrian and cycling overpass

The City received a grant of $3.6M from the Investing in Canada Infrastructure program for a new pedestrian and cycling overpass to better connect the Galloping Goose trail through Colwood. Currently trail users experience a disconnect in the trail at Sooke Road, and must make three intersection crossings to get back onto the trail. The bridge will create a safe and seamless connection of the 55km Galloping Goose Regional Trail that runs from Victoria to Sooke and right through the heart of Colwood to encourage enjoyable active transportation.

Intersection upgrades at the Goose crossing at Wale and Wilfert Roads will further enhance safety and connectivity, along with an ongoing program of new sidewalks and cycling facilities, pedestrian and cycling counters to measure success, and wayfinding signage to improve navigation and encourage people to explore more. Each of these active transportation improvements also propels our community toward its Climate Action goals, along with encouraging energy efficient buildings, supporting biodiversity and nature based solutions, supporting food security and zero waste initiatives, and promoting eco-innovation and community wellbeing. 

This active transportation connection is also a key feature of the community's vision for the future of Colwood's town centre. Property owners in the Colwood Corners area have been working with the City on a 30-year vision for the creation a vibrant and walkable commercial centre in the heart of Colwood.

Read more about the Galloping Goose overpass, the Colwood Climate Action Plan, and Colwood's Gateway Vision plan.

3. Construction of the Royal BC Museum Collections and Research Building in Colwood

Colwood is honoured to be the location for the Royal BC Museum’s new Collections and Research building, where the history of our Province will be protected and shared. Overlooking the shore of the Salish Sea, the location in Colwood acknowledges the rich and significant cultural history of this area, dating back thousands of years. Construction has begun on the new 15,200-square-metre building which will also provide dedicated research labs and learning spaces, as well as public access to the collections.

Read more about the Royal BC Museum Collections & Research Building in Colwood

4. Improving access to health care in Colwood

Access to health care is a challenge for communities throughout BC. In 2023, the Province announced that a new three-story long term care facility will be located at the corner of Metchosin Road and Latoria Boulevard in Colwood. The 306 bed facility is currently in the procurement phase with construction expected to begin in 2025 and complete in 2027.

Colwood Council has also been working with the Province and other partners to enable the reopening of the Medical Clinic at Colwood Corners, and advance strategies for attracting more health care providers to our community with additional health care facilities. 

Stay in the know about progress on these Colwood projects and many others! 

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