On April 26, 2023, Colwood Council approved the Royal Beach Parks Master Plan which details how 19.45 hectares of parkland will be designed as a series of community amenities that will position Royal Beach as a regional destination. 

Encompassing over 125 acres of waterfront land and set along 1.4 km of shoreline in Colwood, the Royal Beach property is defined by its spectacular oceanfront access and ocean views with incredible public realm potential.

The property owners, Reliance Properties and Seacliff Properties, have worked with Council, staff and neighbours to develop a parks plan in alignment with Colwood's Official Community Plan that will result in a vibrant seaside community with a range of housing options and commercial spaces, connected by a comprehensive network of parks and trails.

The Park Master Plan provides for a variety of park spaces that will create a unique sense of place, providing the community opportunities to gather, play, recreate or contemplate, while also maintaining public access to the 1.4 km of waterfront beach. This will include amenities such as a series of parks linking Latoria Road to a waterfront public plaza, an amphitheater for performances and presentations, play areas, nature parks and a scramble trail up to the spectacular viewpoint at Gratton Lookout. The parks and trails in Royal Beach will connect to the growing park network in Royal Bay, as well as to the City's planned waterfront multi-use pathway between Royal Beach and the Lagoon Beach. 


Multi-year development in a unique setting

The plan defines how the parkland will be designed over the phased development of the property. Over time the network of interconnected parks and trails at Royal Beach will be dedicated to the City and will place Colwood among a select group of West Coast communities with a signature waterfront destination. 

At the Council meeting on April 26, the property owners were responsive to concerns expressed by neighbors, shifting away from a proposal for development of the northwest corner of the property on Metchosin Road to instead include this area as park space. 

There was also discussion of the significant geotechnical analysis that has been completed and will continue to occur throughout each phase of this development in consideration of the unique shoreline and stormwater features, steep slopes and industrial history of the site. 

Approval of the Royal Beach Parks Plan allows for the phased detailed design and creation of these parks and public amenities and sets the stage for development of new streetscapes, homes, businesses, shopping and dining. 

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